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Halloween Trick or Treat Mystery - Surprise Gift Set - Vegan Cosmetics

$15.00 - $75.00

Just like my mystery box, this Halloween Trick or Treat mystery bag is full of Halloween themed products from my shop! So you can get a assortment of products with a halloween theme! You could get sprint color eyeshadows, lip colors, maybe creepy soaps?! Even perfumes or something totally different! 🎃

Who doesn’t love a good mystery bag!?
New to my shop and not sure what to get, try this mystery bag! This would be a great way to try my products or a great gift for someone!

Let’s get straight to the point, what could you get in this bag???

Each bag I will hand pick different items, so each bag is different! 💕

In this bag you will get to pick what size of treat bag you want!

Mini 3-4 items
Regular 4-5 items
Large 5-7 items
ULTRA 10 items!

Which can include (note these are just possibilities of what you COULD get):

Liquid Lipsticks
Bath Bombs
Makeup Brush Cleaner
Or pretty anything in my shop! 😱 (With a Halloween theme!)

Each bag will be worth more then what you paid for the bag!

So what are you waiting for?!?

Comes in a recycle friendly paper bag! Please reuse or recycle bag when you are finished with it!


International shipping will be considered first class mail, please understand I don’t have any control on shipping cost. I understand international shipping is expensive but I don’t have any choice but to charge what the USPS charges. Thank you for understanding.