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Hannibal Perfume Oil Set - 7 Spray Bottle Set Vegan Perfume


In this set you will get 0.54 ounce spray bottles of the following perfumes/colognes:

Will Graham - This perfume blend is what I would consider a men’s scent, it’s a beautiful blend of black pepper, cardamom, clove, a touch of sweet mandarin, cedarwood and tea tree!

Hannibal - a deep and sensual blend of charred sandalwood, warm amber, fiery saffron, peony, vanilla warm around blushed orchids and jasmine! It’s a scent that will envelope your whole senses.

Eat the Rude - a rich and bold blend of geraniums, bergamot & lime, with middle green notes plus touches of lavender and rosemary! And rounding it out with woody oak moss, amber and musk!

Bedelia - A rich and beautiful blend of red wine, crushed black raspberries, currants, warm vanilla and dark cherries!

Wrath of the Lamb - a beautiful sweet deep blend of pomegranates, cassis, soft amber, sandalwood and rich vanilla! It’s on the more fem-sweet side but definitely give it a try it’s a gorgeous blend!

Abigail Hobbs - a beautiful blend of bergamot, tea leaves, black pepper, ginger, guicawood, vetiver, smokey rosewood and cedarwood!

And Freddie Lounds - this scent is exclusive to this set! A blend of warm vanilla, spicy cinnamon, earthy oakwood, refreshing red apple and sweet cranberries!

Size: Each bottles holds 0.54 ounces of product

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