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Mystery Tater Tot - Gift Set - Surprise

$28.00 - $35.00

Mystery Tater Tot ✨

Want a fun way to try out products on my shop but not sure what to get? Then this is for you! In the "tater tot" I will select random products for you! I will try my best to give a variety of products :)

Please let me know if you have any "NO" products, as in "I don't like green colors" or "please no perfume products" :)

Which can include (note these are just possibilities of what you COULD get):

Liquid Lipsticks
Makeup Brush Cleaner
Or pretty anything in my shop! 😱

Waxy "tater tot" is a 8 ounce container and will be worth more than what you paid for!

So what are you waiting for?!?

Select from two size options:

Small: $28 (3-4 products)
Regular: $35 (4-5 products)


International shipping will be considered first class mail, please understand I don’t have any control on shipping cost. I understand international shipping is expensive but I don’t have any choice but to charge what the USPS charges. Thank you for understanding.