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Vampire Tonic - Improved Formula - 8 Ounce Witch Hazel Hibiscus Blend


Vampire Tonic 🦇 Stay young forever and undead....NOW with Hematite Extract!

Vampire Tonic is a skin loving toner made with natural witch hazel, steeped with hibiscus petals to give it its black/blood red color! Also blended with caffeine, avocado, white tea and Elderberry extract! Plus now with Hematite gemstone extract! Hematite is believed it can improve the appearance of fine lines!


- This toner is great for oily to normal skin, and can be used daily if needed.
- Caffeine Extract can help reduce the look of fine line and help with plumping up the skin to give it a more youthful look.
- Avocado Extract is great to help smooth and heal skin, since avocado extract is natural high in vitamins.
- White Tea Extract has been shown to reduce redness and skin irritations.
- Elderberry Extract is natural high in vitamin A, wonderful for fading dark spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Size: 8 Ounce Bottle

Can be used daily, morning or night.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel (Heat Distilled with Hibiscus Petals) Caffeine Extract, Avocado Extract, White Tea Extract, Elderberry Extract